• Beatha Wound Care & Infusion Therapy

    Beatha Wound Care & Infusion Therapy

    Beatha Healthcare’s one of a kind Infusion Therapy, Wound Care and Wellness Practice is run by Registered Nurses and Allied Medical Professionals in an “out-of-hospital” setting. At our Centres, patients will receive specific Infusion Therapy and Wound Care treatments in conjunction with their treating Doctor.  Beatha’s Specialised HomeCare Services renders support to Medical Doctors who consult and treat their patients in the home setting whether it be a house, Retirement Village, Frail Care Centre, Hotel or Guest House.

    Beatha Healthcare’s Infusion Therapy and Wound Care Centres, and HomeCare services, are ideal for those patients whose medical condition allows them to be treated as an “outpatient” as they are well enough to go home. This means that a hospital admission can be avoided, or a hospital stay shortened, as we offer suitable and effective alternatives to ensure that these patients still receive necessary and ongoing treatments with a high standard of care.

    Beatha Healthcare’s aim is to provide affordable, quality, convenient and specialised patient care in a unique out-of-hospital setting .

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