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By Lauren Bradfield Inspiration - this is what these 2016 Rio Olympics have been about. Overcoming adversity, breaking old records, bringing home gold, the rivalries and the outfits; each sporting event has been a thrilling spectacle showcasing grit, determination and inspiring us to new heights. So, what makes these athletes such gladiators? What components make

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Yoga Poses for a Great Booty

By Theresa Moodie We all know Yoga is an ancient practice, designed to connect mind, body and spirit. Benefits include improved flexibility, muscle tone, endurance and of course lowered stress levels. But it is also ok if you practice Yoga or select certain Yoga poses for a great booty! The Gluteals There are three

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Men’s Health- By Dr. Steve Edwards

Erectile dysfunction and testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS) are conditions associated with advancing age in men.  Symptoms include low libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, reduced feeling of well-being, loss of concentration, sweats or hot flushes, and reduced muscle mass and body hair. Regular health checks and tests can detect problems early, when your chances for treatment and

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Holistic Pilates & Personal Training Support precedes change- By Christina Belloni

People are holistic individuals, not merely a “presenting symptom”. We translate everything we experience physically, mentally and spiritually into muscular tension. Our attitudes and beliefs can therefore influence our posture, physical health and well being... to read more Click Here

2016-03-16T10:20:22+02:00Mar 16th, 2016|Health and Fitness, News, Pilates|

One Breath Closer to a Healthier You – By Suzanne Kilian

It is March and the memory of December holidays, lying on the beach or enjoying a family Christmas dinner, is fading fast.  The year has kicked off and before we even realised we are back in the routine of long hours at the desk, traffic, deadlines and loads and loads of stress... To read more Click

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