Nutritious Choices to Beat Breast Cancer

Although there is no magic bullet for breast cancer prevention a generally healthy diet can be helpful, in fact some research estimates that 9% of cancer cases may be prevented by good diet. However this does need to be addressed earlier in life rather than in our 40’s and 50’s when most women tend to be concerned about their breast health.

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About Tusc Medical Aesthetics And The Founder

The owner of TUSC, Philippa Crichton has been involved in the health and skincare industry since 1985, when she qualified as a skincare therapist from the London Institute of Beauty Culture in England. She has had her own skin care centres / spas since 1987, first Ladyborn and then Dermaborn, so has invaluable experience in the successful managing and marketing of them.

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Surviving Breast Cancer

While breast cancer will affect 1 in 29 South African women, according to the National Cancer Registry (NCR), it is the stories of hope, victory and inspiration that really convince us that cancer can be beaten! The stories describing breast cancer survivors’ journeys; from diagnosis, through treatment, to cancer survivor, is a testament to the resilience that lies within the human spirit.

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Rehabilitation after Breast Surgery & measures to prevent a Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis is a common complaint amongst women after Breast Surgery (unilateral or bilateral mastectomy, with or without breast implants). After a mastectomy, patients may experience tightness emanating from the surgery site as the result of scar tissue which can cause pain and restrict the range of motion in the arm and shoulder.

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Breast Cancer, Exercise and Rehabilitation from 3‐9 weeks – Post‐op

Annually, more than 10 million people are diagnosed with cancer worldwide. This indicates the prevalence of cancer as a universal and relevant disease in society. The most common form of cancer in women, second to lung cancer, is breast cancer. Every three minutes another woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. The woman’s quality of life and self‐worth are affected with this life threatening disease.

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