New Years Resolution Newbie By Luke Stegmann

So it’s early on new years day, you’re a little hungover, tired and the lights are too bright! This however doesn’t matter because 2016 is going to be a good year! You’re motivated, excited and have a whole whack of resolutions you’re going to stick to this year... you can just feel it! To read

New Year’s Resolutions… and why we don’t keep them by Chantalle van den Berg

December is the month for reflecting and letting go a little… we think back on the year that has past (the good and the bad), we celebrate it by eating good food and laughing with friends. After the reflection comes resolutions- resolutions to be better and do more, to evolve somewhat closer to that ideal-self

Fall Prevention- Staying the right way up!

Falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalization, injury-related death, and the main reason for admission to an elderly care facility. Falls and fall-related injury decrease the quality of life and independence of many elderly adults each year. Falls can happen anywhere at any time but the majority happen unsuspectingly in the comfort of your

Back pain: a new “fisio” wife tackles the old fish wives tales

Back pain is a common problem worldwide which effects young and old. Unfortunately there is no panacea to curing a sore back. Over the years people have developed a host of different cures. Whether it is using Google for a diagnosis or dusting off one of granny’s stories, we all have an idea of what

Helping your teenager to prevent ‘technology’ related hand injuries

In today’s world, technology has become so advanced that one can do almost everything from their smartphone/tablet. Be it emailing, tweeting, smsing, online shopping, reading etc etc.  Most teenagers of today own one of these smartphones/tablets which they usually use for many hours of the day. There has been minimal research conducted on this topic

Will Weight Lifting Stunt Your Child’s Growth?

In this generation, teenagers focus a lot on image. The boys want to look buff and manly, and the girls want to look sexy and attractive. If you look around the Gym at 5pm on a Monday, you will be surprised to see how many teenagers are exercising. Teenagers go through a phase of wanting

Is There Really a Relationship Between Achy Joints and Cold Weather?

Does thinking about the cold weather and your associated body aches and pains make you want to run away or even relocate? Are you struggling to get out of your warm bed in the morning? Are you feeling stiff and sore before even moving? We all know an elderly relative who firmly believes that the