Why you should stick to your New Year’s weight-loss resolutions By Esmé Maré (Dietitian)

Each and every year we have losing weight as one of our New Year’s resolutions. We start the year off making healthy changes towards our diet, but soon we give up, when we start struggling and are not seeing the results we would have liked to see... To read more Click Here

New Years Resolution Newbie By Luke Stegmann

So it’s early on new years day, you’re a little hungover, tired and the lights are too bright! This however doesn’t matter because 2016 is going to be a good year! You’re motivated, excited and have a whole whack of resolutions you’re going to stick to this year... you can just feel it! To read

How to foolproof your fitness resolutions By Jenna-Lee Field

It is estimated that between 40 – 50% of people make New Year’s resolutions.  But, despite all good intentions, only a tiny fraction of us manage to stick to our resolutions.  According to statistics the following shows how many of these resolutions are maintained as time goes on... To read more Click Here

TUSC medical aesthetics new year’s specials

It doesn’t matter if you are concerned about your skin sagging, those annoying breakouts or that stubborn pigment that just doesn’t want to go away. At TUSC we offer a solution with guaranteed results, regardless of your skin concern. We offer a FREE skin analysis with a customized skin programme, specifically to meet your skins’

New Year’s Resolutions… and why we don’t keep them by Chantalle van den Berg

December is the month for reflecting and letting go a little… we think back on the year that has past (the good and the bad), we celebrate it by eating good food and laughing with friends. After the reflection comes resolutions- resolutions to be better and do more, to evolve somewhat closer to that ideal-self

Get Fit this New Year the Right Way!

For most people, exercise is always on the New Years resolution list. Either to lose weight, get fitter, tone up, gain muscle, or just improve sports performance. However, how many people are actually able to persevere and succeed their goals? The key to persevering to the New Years resolution of exercise (and not bailing out

PILATES and New Years Resolutions- Christina Belloni (Pilates)

Let’s take the word resolution, give it meaning, add substance, determination and the will to change the resolution and dream into realistic goals for 2014. Let’s shed that intense feeling of guilt and remorse and start with achievable goals, step by step over the next 12 months! Before you set out to make your list,

New Years Resolutions – A Balancing Act By Roxanne Wentzel (Hand Therapist)

It is the New Year and time for a fresh start. Many people set New Years resolutions within this time, however statistics have shown that these are usually only maintained for 6 weeks. It is an exciting time where one can choose aspects of their lives to improve, both for themselves and those around them. In the busy life