Men’s Health- By Dr. Steve Edwards

Erectile dysfunction and testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS) are conditions associated with advancing age in men.  Symptoms include low libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, reduced feeling of well-being, loss of concentration, sweats or hot flushes, and reduced muscle mass and body hair. Regular health checks and tests can detect problems early, when your chances for treatment and

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Holistic Pilates & Personal Training Support precedes change- By Christina Belloni

People are holistic individuals, not merely a “presenting symptom”. We translate everything we experience physically, mentally and spiritually into muscular tension. Our attitudes and beliefs can therefore influence our posture, physical health and well being... to read more Click Here

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6 Tips on Living a Healthier Lifestyle- By Esme Mare

To live healthy one must focus on not just improving ones physical health but ones mental health as well. One’s physical and mental health should be in balance or function well in such a way that if there is a change in the one then the other one will change positively or negatively... to read

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Why you should stick to your New Year’s weight-loss resolutions By Esmé Maré (Dietitian)

Each and every year we have losing weight as one of our New Year’s resolutions. We start the year off making healthy changes towards our diet, but soon we give up, when we start struggling and are not seeing the results we would have liked to see... To read more Click Here

New Years Resolution Newbie By Luke Stegmann

So it’s early on new years day, you’re a little hungover, tired and the lights are too bright! This however doesn’t matter because 2016 is going to be a good year! You’re motivated, excited and have a whole whack of resolutions you’re going to stick to this year... you can just feel it! To read

New Year’s Resolutions… and why we don’t keep them by Chantalle van den Berg

December is the month for reflecting and letting go a little… we think back on the year that has past (the good and the bad), we celebrate it by eating good food and laughing with friends. After the reflection comes resolutions- resolutions to be better and do more, to evolve somewhat closer to that ideal-self