World Hypertension Day and World Pilates day byTalitha Marx

In light of World Hypertension Day and World Pilates day both celebrated in May 2020, I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss Hypertension, Pilates and how Pilates may help to reduce your blood pressure as well as the many other benefits. World Hypertension Day and World Pilates day by Talitha Marx

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Holistic Pilates & Personal Training Support precedes change- By Christina Belloni

People are holistic individuals, not merely a “presenting symptom”. We translate everything we experience physically, mentally and spiritually into muscular tension. Our attitudes and beliefs can therefore influence our posture, physical health and well being... to read more Click Here

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The Benefit of Pilates in the Golden Years

The Golden era of our lives holds a variety of changes and surprises that are not always planned or foreseen!   We must remain conscious of the benefits of proper training methods from a young age and the effect of changes our bodies will undergo!   We must adapt to those changes through all levels of maturity

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Beat the Winter Blues through Pilates for Golf

There is no better way to beat the winter's blues than to get active, equip yourself with the knowledge, skill and essential core strength to walk onto the golf course and hit the ball farther and straighter than ever! Core Pilates now offers 'Pilates  for Golf' The golf swing depends on nearly every joint in

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PILATES and New Years Resolutions- Christina Belloni (Pilates)

Let’s take the word resolution, give it meaning, add substance, determination and the will to change the resolution and dream into realistic goals for 2014. Let’s shed that intense feeling of guilt and remorse and start with achievable goals, step by step over the next 12 months! Before you set out to make your list,