Head over Heels?

  As you step out in heels this valentine month, consider your feet. Whilst they look gorgeous now, what will your feet look like after years of wearing them? According to podiatrists the world over, women who wear high heels most of the time are at high risk of developing a number of foot, back

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Diabetes and the Foot

As we recently remembered World Diabetes Month in November, put your best foot forward this summer by focussing on this important aspect of your health. Diabetes Mellitus is a serious disease affecting nearly all major systems in the body. The World Diabetes Foundation states that developing countries like South Africa are currently experiencing an ‘explosion’

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Gait Plate Technology can be an indicator of Alzheimer’s Disease

Did you know that the way you walk can be an indicator for Alzheimer’s disease? New research shows that gait abnormalities or changes in walking often appear before a cognitive decline is apparent. Monitoring and tracking ambulation has now been proven to assist in the early diagnosis of apraxia (decrease or loss of lower limb