TUSC medical aesthetics new year’s specials

It doesn’t matter if you are concerned about your skin sagging, those annoying breakouts or that stubborn pigment that just doesn’t want to go away. At TUSC we offer a solution with guaranteed results, regardless of your skin concern. We offer a FREE skin analysis with a customized skin programme, specifically to meet your skins’

Sun and Skin Awareness With TUSC Medical Aesthetics

With warnings of heatwaves already been issued, be sure to get optimum UV protection this summer! Pop into TUSC for a free consultation to assure you are using the right sun protection. During your consultation, we will make sure to take your skin type and other skin concerns into consideration when selecting your suncreen, after

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Sassy Summer Legs

  Varicose veins are enlarged blood vessels or veins that are blue, red or purplish and become swollen and enlarged, appearing cordlike, they often appear twisted and feel raised underneath the skin. These types of veins are commonly found on the legs.Varicose veins are often a sign of underlying venous insufficiency. These valves sometimes fail

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Skin Rejuvenation

Ageing is inevitable, it is a process which is influenced by diet, exercise, exposure to the elements, stress and general health. With the innovative technologies available to us today we are able to, not only slow the skins ageing process down, but we can reverse a lot of premature ageing. Free radicles from pollution, the

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Skin Care Solutions for Problematic Skin

There are 4 main factors which affect the severity of acne prone skin: Hormones Increased sebum production Increased epithelial production Presence of P. Acnes bacteria which leads to inflammation. Exfoliating your skin is the single most important criteria in your skin care routine. When done regularly with the appropriate combination of products, both increased epithelial

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Winter is the Best Time to Transform Your Skin with IPL

Pigmented lesions Remove benign epidermal pigmented lesions quickly and gently Pigmented lesions are mainly caused by physical damage such as sunburn or injury, as well as the natural effect of ageing. The lesions can vary in size and colour. It is always important to ensure that the lesion is not malignant before removing it How

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