What is Scoliosis and what can I do for it?

Scoliosis is not seen as a disease, but rather describes an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine.  There may be a single curve, in the shape of the letter C, or two curves, in the shape a letter S. Scoliosis can be idiopathic (adolescent), degenerative (adults), congenital (develops in utero) or neuromuscular (individuals with muscular

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Smart Study Foods for Adolescents

The formative adolescent years are a key period for learning independence and responsibility, which also extends to dietary habits and food choices. Most moms know that teens tend arrive home and raid the fridge, snacking on anything available. These food choices play a large role, not only in forming your teen’s future dietary habits, but

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Helping your teenager to prevent ‘technology’ related hand injuries

In today’s world, technology has become so advanced that one can do almost everything from their smartphone/tablet. Be it emailing, tweeting, smsing, online shopping, reading etc etc.  Most teenagers of today own one of these smartphones/tablets which they usually use for many hours of the day. There has been minimal research conducted on this topic

Skin Care Solutions for Problematic Skin

There are 4 main factors which affect the severity of acne prone skin: Hormones Increased sebum production Increased epithelial production Presence of P. Acnes bacteria which leads to inflammation. Exfoliating your skin is the single most important criteria in your skin care routine. When done regularly with the appropriate combination of products, both increased epithelial

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Will Weight Lifting Stunt Your Child’s Growth?

In this generation, teenagers focus a lot on image. The boys want to look buff and manly, and the girls want to look sexy and attractive. If you look around the Gym at 5pm on a Monday, you will be surprised to see how many teenagers are exercising. Teenagers go through a phase of wanting