• Beatha Wound Care & Infusion Therapy

    Beatha Wound Care & Infusion Therapy

    Beatha Healthcare’s one of a kind Infusion Therapy, Wound Care and Wellness Practice is run by Registered Nurses and Allied Medical Professionals in an “out-of-hospital” setting. At our Centres, patients will receive specific Infusion Therapy and Wound Care treatments in conjunction with their treating Doctor.  Beatha’s Specialised HomeCare Services renders support to Medical Doctors who consult and treat their patients in the home setting whether it be a house, Retirement Village, Frail Care Centre, Hotel or Guest House.

    Beatha’s Homecare services include, but are not limited to

    • Patient follow-ups post the Doctor’s visit

    • Wound Care

    • Intravenous Fluid and Medication therapies

    • Specialised palliative care in support of the Doctor’s treatment plan

    • Pain management (IV, IM, SC)

    • In-dwelling drainage catheter management or replacement and patient / family education


    • Reduces hospital admissions

    • Can shorten in-hospital stay durations for patients who are already in hospital but are well enough to go home

    • Treatment bookings are confirmed by appointment only – so no lengthy waits for treatments to be undertaken

    • Patients do not need to go through a hospital admission process for each visit

    • Continuity of care is undertaken along with the patient’s referring Doctor

    • Consistency in individual patient care through standardised treatment guidelines, or Doctor specific treatment requests

    • Patients are able to continue a relatively normal daily life (condition dependent) i.e. stay at home or go back to work

    • Treatments are undertaken in comfortable “recliner style” chairs with access to power, free Wi-Fi Internet and DSTV

    • Private treatment rooms are available if required

    • All facilities are wheelchair friendly

    • In the event that a medical emergency does occur a full set of Advanced Life Support equipment and medications is readily available onsite

    Approved Discovery HomeCare Provider

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