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    Chiropractic care is a non-invasive, hands-on, drug free approach to the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions which may help overall spinal health and functioning of the nervous system. Chiropractors use non-invasive methods to treat such conditions, with the primary mode of treatment being the high-velocity, low amplitude adjustment. Additionally, chiropractors use a variety of other non-invasive methods (ultrasound, dry needling, Kinesio-taping etc) to supplement the adjustment.

    Chiropractors are trained as primary health care practitioners that specialise in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various mechanical disorders of the spine. Should the need be required, chiropractors will refer out for additional medical consultation (surgery, medicines etc).

    In addition to treating a variety of spinal conditions, chiropractors also treat the following:

    • Headaches
    • Neck pain
    • Back pain
    • Disc herniation
    • Sports injuries
    • Sciatic nerve pain

    At Hands-On Healing chiropractic the emphasis is on primary patient care ensuring that the patient comes first. All examinations are based around getting to the “cause” or “root” of the problem.

    The examination consists of the following:

    • A full and pertinent patient history
    • A full physical examination
    • The relevant orthopaedic and neurological assessments
    • Other investigations, if necessary (X-rays, MRI’s etc)

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