• Educational Psychology – Claire du Toit

    Educational Psychology – Claire du Toit

    Play Therapy

    Play is the natural means through which children learn, explore their worlds, communicate and express their feelings.

    Play therapy offers the child the opportunity to work through their emotions in a safe and contained environment. Parent guidance often forms an important part of this process.

    Learning Support

    Children may sometimes require additional support as a supplement to what is being taught in the classroom. The level and type of support provided is tailored specifically to the individual needs of each child.


    • Psycho-Educational Assessments These are comprehensive assessments which focus on cognitive, emotional and academic functioning. The results provide an overall picture of a child’s current level of functioning. Interventions aim to address the unique needs of each child.

    • School Readiness Assessments This type of assessment focuses on a child’s level of readiness for Grade 1. It provides an understanding of strengths and difficulties a child may have in order to advise parents on school readiness. Recommendations focus on the type of support a child may require to promote school readiness.

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