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    Your Best Face and Body Achieved!

    Matisse Image and Wellness will assist you in achieving your personal goals – losing centimetres, reduction of cellulite, body re-shaping / contouring, lifting and tightening of your whole body and face.

    We are a professional facility, providing state-of- the-art technology and quality service with the use of internationally approved equipment.

    We live in a world where people are gaining weight and are looking for affordable solutions to reduce weight and rejuvenate their skin without going through the painful procedures of surgery.

    Surgery leaves the patient in a lot of pain and discomfort and often requires them to be off for weeks at a time.

    With the latest technology from Cocoon Medical, Matisse Image and Wellness is now able to provide an end-to- end solution which produces no discomfort and absolutely no downtime.

    Our treatments are for both men and women.

    Current services on offer:

    • Skin tightening – for example after someone has had a baby or has lost a lot of weight and has excess skin
    • Face and neck tightening – for people with loose skin and wrinkles
    • Fat Reduction / Body Contouring – deep penetration of the monopolar radiofrequency/ultrasound waves will “burst” fat cells promising a centimetre reduction
    • Treatment of cellulite
    • Labia Tightening – for example after giving birth
    • Skin Rejuvenation
    • Bum/Breast Lifting
    • Post Surgery Clients – clients who have had liposuction, surgery, face lifts etc
    • Lymph Drainage

    Benefits of Lymph Drainage:

    • Gets rid of toxins in the body – full body detox
    • Promotes healthier skin
    • Assists with clearing head aches

    • Promotes healing after surgery
    • Reduces swelling and inflammation
    • Aids in reducing cellulite and fatty deposits
    • Recommended for cancer patients
    • Reduces liquid retention during pregnancy

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