• Physioworx – Bell Rogers & Harris

    Physioworx – Bell Rogers & Harris

    A Multi-Disciplinary Centre

    Physioworx at Off Nicol provides the team of Tanya Bell-Jenje Suzanne Rogers, and Lindsay Harris, with an opportunity to bring their multidisciplinary sports and orthopaedic physiotherapy  approach to one centre, and to bring their lecture routines to their own lecture venue.

    Off Nicol’s lecture facility is equipped with state-of-the art learning facilities and demonstration stations in one integrated site.

    As well as Off-Nicol Health Wellness and Rehab in Bryanston, Physioworx continues to operate from Wilgeheuwel Hospital, and Melville where Tanya and Suzanne Rogers first opened their practice, Bell and Rogers, in 1989.

    • LectureWorx

      Off Nicol’s lecture facility is equipped with state-of-the art learning facilities and demonstration stations in one integrated site.

    Individualised Treatment

      Our approach to assessment and treatment is patient-specific and individualised.

      Often the source of the problem is in a different area to the site of pain. Finding the source means fewer treatments, less recurrence, and better outcomes.To achieve this we offer:

    • Detailed assessment from experienced clinicians
    • Analysis of movement dysfunction
    • A skilled hands-on approach
    • Postural & movement correction
    • Restoration of muscle imbalances
    • Manual and manipulative therapy techniques
    • Core stabilisation & creative exercise progression
    • More about PhysioWorx at http://www.physioworx.co.za/

    Team Credentials

    The professional team from Physioworx boasts global credentials – including serving as principal physiotherapists for South Africa’s national sports teams at some of the most prestigious sporting and endurance events in the world:   The 1996 Paralymic Games in Atlanta, the Commonwealth Games of 1998, the All Africa Games of 1999 and the Sydney Olympic Games of 2000.In addition, Tanya’s Going Global lecture series forms part of the curriculum for professionals in the UK; India; USA; Saudi Arabia and Africa.

    Physioworx Partners

    Team Members

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