• Speech-Language Therapy & Audiology – Bridget De Canha

    Speech-Language Therapy & Audiology – Bridget De Canha

    Our Speech Therapy department has special interests in the assessment and treatment of Pre-School age and School age children, targeting the following areas:

    • Articulation/Phonology Disorders – Mispronounciation of sounds/words

    • Language Disorders, Differences, and Delays

    • Auditory Processing Disorders – Difficulty in number and word recall, story memory, following instructions

    • Phonological Awareness Difficulties – The ability to break down and manipulate sounds in order to generate and read words

    • Fluency Disorders – Stuttering of sounds and words

    • Oral Motor Disorders

    • Literacy Difficulties – Reading, Writing, Spelling

    • Developmental Delay – Delay in reaching developmental milestones eg. Speech-Language or hearing milestones


    Our Audiology department is equipped with the latest in diagnostic audiology equipment allowing us to offer the following services:​

    • Hearing Screenings

    • Hearing tests

    • Education on Hearing Health & Well Being

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