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    Yoga should be accessible to everyone, no matter what their current training regime looks like or what their current fitness levels are.My classes encourage individuals to challenge themselves within their practice and reap the benefits of incorporating yoga into their existing training program. Technique, form, flexibility and most importantly the power of connecting with your breath.A more functional and sports specific approach, my vinyasa sequences are deliberate and complimentary to cross training methodologies. Within my personal practice, yoga is a space for me to grow and learn both physically, mentally and spiritually.

    Theresa offers private yoga sessions for more specific needs such as rehab or sports conditioning, you can arrange a mini group class to share with friends or come and try one of the group class sessions.

    For more information please visit her website www.theresamoodie.com or email theresa@theresamoodie.com

    Available classes

    • Vinyasa Flow classes: 60min dynamic classes that will challenge, tone and improve overall flexibility, strength and body awareness.
    • Restorative classes: 60min slower practice. This class is designed to destress, calm the mind and focus on improved flexibility and breath awareness. Asanas (yoga postures) are held for much longer than your typical vinyasa flow class.
    • Yoga Nidra and breath work: Yoga nidra is a conscious ‘sleep state’ where by you are led through a guided visual mediation. Included are basic pranayama (breathing) exercises. Ideal to destress, unwind and clear the mind.

    Look out for monthly workshops or introductory series for beginners.

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