The festive season can be challenging for everyone, particularly if you have spent the last 3 months getting into beach worthy shape. Kilojoules seem to lurk around every corner and staying on track can seem so daunting.

Sometimes giving up on routine and leaving healthy eating to your new years resolution may seem easier however, sadly, the excess kilo’s don’t disappear with the decorations. Studies show that most normal weight individuals gain 0.5kg over the holiday period whereas overweight persons can gain up to 3.5kg. According to researchers at the National
Institutes of Health, most people never lose the weight they gain during the holidays. The kilo’s add up year after year, making holiday weight gain an important factor in adult obesity.

Holiday Ecard

Sticking to a healthy routine while on holiday doesn’t have to be boring, you can still have fun without throwing away your healthy habits. Here 8 tips to help you stay on track:

    1. Don’t skip meals
      Skipping meals is a strategy that is guaranteed to fail, more often than not it increases the likelihood of overindulging at the next meal. Try to stick to regular routine as much as possible through the holidays.
    2. Try eat foods in a specific order
      The key to conscious eating is to sample the delicious foods of the season while building your main course around healthier choices. Fill up on raw veggies and salads watch for hidden calories in dressings and dips before eating foods that pack more kilojoules per mouthful. You’ll eat more when you’re hungry, so save the calorieNdense treats until after you’ve blunted your appetite with fiberNrich, lowNcalorie foods. Think of it this way: veggies first, protein second, starchy carbs third, and sugar last. If you eat in this order, you may find yourself filled up on veggies and protein and never make it to dessert
    3. Never Arrive Hungry
      In the same vein – never arrive at a function hungry, try to have a nutritious snack before hand, or if you do arrive hungry drink some water to fill up before you fill your plate
    4. Be aware of appetizers
      Appetizers and canapés are very popular at office parties and yearNend functions. Try to skip these all together as they’re typically loaded with kilojoules and often only serve to give people something to do whilst they chit chat.

Holiday Ecard

  1. Drink consciously
    Be aware of the quantity of alcohol that you drink at holiday parties. Not only are you adding loads of empty kilojoules, but you are more likely to overindulge at meal times. If you do drink alcohol, drink one full glass of
    sparkling water between enjoying the fun stuff The point is to quench your thirst but limit alcohol consumption
    and, hence, empty calories.
  2. Enjoy tasty treats
    What are the holidays without mince pies, Christmas cake and festive treats? It can be difficult to when you are constantly bombarded with holiday parties to feel like you are not missing out. To avoid ‘falling off the wagon’ allow yourself to enjoy one small serving of dessert or treat at parties and functions. If there are many treats to choose from, choose your favourite and keep the portion size small
  3. Get moving
    Exercise often falls by the wayside when we settle into ‘relaxed holiday mode’. It is really important to get moving throughout the festive season. Try to find fun ways to exercise while on holiday take the family for a morning walks or long swims in the sea or play beach tennis or cricket. Just be sure to get some form of exercise everyday
  4. Divert Your Attention
    The holidays are meant to celebrate good times with family and friends. Many people forget that there’s more to a holiday party than food, Avoid looking at a party as just a food event. Enjoy your friends’ company or dancing, conversation is calorie free.