• Helping your teenager to prevent ‘technology’ related hand injuries

    Helping your teenager to prevent ‘technology’ related hand injuries

    In today’s world, technology has become so advanced that one can do almost everything from their smartphone/tablet. Be it emailing, tweeting, smsing, online shopping, reading etc etc.  Most teenagers of today own one of these smartphones/tablets which they usually use for many hours of the day. There has been minimal research conducted on this topic however it is becoming more evident that people are experiencing hand pain or repetitive strain injuries due to overuse of handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones. This article will highlight some tips on preventing possible injuries due to technology use – which can be implemented by yourself and your teenagers. It will be impossible to decrease the use of these devices by your teenagers, however the following tips can be implemented to prevent possible hand injuries related to technology use. Click here to read more.

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