The life of today has become very busy and often we are wishing for more hours in the day in order to complete all we need to do. Some may want more hours to complete work tasks, to exercise, to socialise or to follow a balanced lifestyle in general. However, often the area of our lives that is compromised is sleep. The reason for this is that sleep is a part of our day that usually consumes 6-8hours. Therefore most people will decrease their hours of sleep in order to complete all work, social and health activities necessary. This can often be detrimental to our health.

Types of sleep

The first stage of sleep is non-REM sleep or otherwise known as slow-wave sleep.1 The term slow wave sleep is used as this is what is seen on the electroencephalogram (EEG), when someone is in non-REM sleep – portraying slow, high amplitude oscillations.1 In a sleep cycle, non-REM sleep occurs for 80% of the cycle, while the remaining 20% is REM sleep.1 REM sleep is when one has rapid eye movements beneath the closed eyelids, it is a form of deep sleep.1 Whether one sleeps for 6 hours or 10 hours, 100 minutes of REM sleep will take place.1 The remaining time will be used on non-REM sleep.

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