There is no better way to beat the winter’s blues than to get active, equip yourself with the knowledge, skill and essential core strength to walk onto the golf course and hit the ball farther and straighter than ever!

Core Pilates now offers ‘Pilates  for Golf’

The golf swing depends on nearly every joint in your body so improving stability, flexibility and core strength, Power and Control, goes hand in hand!

Do it sensibly and do not become a part of the existing 40% of golfers who step onto the course, firs-timers or existing players who end up with a back injury which will last the whole season.

Remember “It is our bodies which play golf not the set of clubs.”

Pilates works for everyone, it is the perfect mother’s day gift for the special woman in your life, for the senior or young and upcoming golfer in your family.

Pilates for golf will make fundamental changes to ineffective movement patterns and will therefor allow you to hit the ball farther and straighter, while reducing the risk of injury and pain.

Pilates is not a mindless exercise, movements are precise and executed with focus and intent.

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