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BRH Physiotherapy -Aquatherapy

Bell Rogers & Harris Physiotherapy Aqua-Therapy

Aquatic Therapy is the therapist supervised treatment of a wide range of conditions in a heated pool (34 36˚C).

Aquatic Therapy utilises the warmth (to relax muscles), the buoyancy (to assist or resist movement) and the weightlessness (to decrease pain and decre as e stress on joints) of the water. Aquatic exercise in warm water improves the pumping action of the heart, makes the lungs work harder, relaxes muscles, reduces pain and unloads the joints.

Aquatic Therapy is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels and as our pools are at a safe depth, so you do not need t o be able to swim to benefit from Aqua therapy.

Your head does not have to go under the water and your feet can remain firmly on the ground if necessary.

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Is Aquatic Therapy like Aqua Aerobics?

No…it is therapeutic exercise with specific goals just like on land. Every patient is assessed thoroughly prior to starting th eir therapy. Aquatic therapy may form part of a rehab programme together with land exercises or it may be decided that the water is the most beneficial environment to achieve the rehab goals. The physiothe rapist is often in the water with you mobilising joints, massaging muscles and monitoring movements.

Who can benefit from Aquatic Therapy?

  • Anyone who needs to recover and strengthen after orthopaedic We treat patients after spinal, knee, hip and shoulder surgery. Once the surgical wounds have healed, they are able to mobilise much sooner and more extensively than with only land based exercises.

  • Athletes, who are injured and unable to train with full forces through their joints, eg. with stress fractures, can maintain their fitness and strengthen by exercising in a stress free environment.

  • Chronic pain sufferers, including those with arthritis and fibromyalgia, have reported huge benefits from light exercises i n w arm water.

  • Expectant and new Mums enjoy the “weightlessness” and support of exercising in the water which benefits both mother and child.

  • Disabled people find the freedom that the water gives a welcome change from the challenges of moving on land. The warm water aids in the reduction of spasticity and helps them to move. The pools have a chair hoist which enables easy transfer in and out of the water.

Why Aquatic Therapy?

Water reduces the effects of gravity on the body and together with buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure and the warmth of the water it allows many people to exercise who would be unable to do so on land.

Join us in the pool at Off Nicol or Wilgeheuwel

Our physiotherapists offer individual and group aquatic therapy sessions. We also offer regular back rehabilitation and antenatal classes.

Contact us for the current schedule.