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Dietitian – Francesca Esposito

A Registered Dietitian is a highly qualified professional who addresses today’s complex issues surrounding food and nutrition.  As experts advising on diet, food and nutrition, Registered Dietitians have an important role to play in disease prevention, the management of many medical conditions as well as optimising overall health and wellbeing. They are able to provide individualised advice for weight loss, high cholesterol, diabetes, digestive system complaints, sport, pregnancy, polycystic ovarian syndrome and many other conditions.

Registered Dietitian
  • Nutrition in Pregnancy and Lactating women
  • Infant and Young child feeding

  • Genetic testing, feedback and dietary advice

  • Lifestyle and Wellness

  • Sports related Nutrition

  • Condition Specific Nutrition

  • Wellness assessments (Vitality and Multiply)

  • Group talk sessions on any topics requested around Nutrition

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Francesca Esposito

I am a Registered Dietitian whereby I obtained my Bsc (Hons) degree in Dietetics at the University of Stellenbosch. In 2013.