Lindsay Harris

Born in a small town with the “BIG hole”, Kimberley, Lindsay moved to the City of Gold at the age of five. At 13yrs, she volunteered for boarding school and her parents sent her to St Michael’ s School in Bloemfontein.

At school she loved sport playing provincial hockey and completing her senior ballet and modern dancing exams.

She returned to the TLC of her parents, and attended WITS University, where she completed both her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Physiotherapy with special interest in Sports Physiotherapy. After the strain of a master’s degree she “fled” to the United Kingdom, where she worked and travelled for two years, travelling throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Lindsay returned to South Africa to work in an Orthopaedic sports and rehabilitation centre working closely with specialist orthopaedic surgeons, and other members of the multi disciplinary medical team.

Lindsay has very recently joined Bell Rogers and Harris as a business partner and is excited about the extensive growth and vision of what is a dynamic, friendly and caring practice.

While she treats all orthopaedic and sports injuries, she has a special interest in the shoulder and ankle joint assessment, diagnosis and rehabilitation, has spent many an hour on the side of the sports field doing on field sports physiotherapy, and loves being involved in any screening and preventative intervention for adolescents, athletes and sports fanatics.

Her love for the profession and ongoing teaching within it has led to her being involved in the post graduate Sports Physiotherapy Course (SPT), which she will, together with a strong team coordinate in 2014. In order to remain current, she continues to attend courses, congresses and meetings.