Mande Scheepmaker

Dr Scheepmaker completed her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Natural and Environmental Science, with the Rand Afrikaans University in 2004. After these three years of study, she went on to study further by entering a five year full time Master’s degree in Homoeopathy, with the University of Johannesburg. As part of her degree, Dr Scheepmaker completed training in diagnostics, clinical homoeopathic medicine, counselling,

nutrition and lifestyle management as well as herbal/ nutriceutical medicine and biopuncture.

Dr Scheepmaker successfully completed her Master’s thesis on The quality of selected local and international homoeopathic mother tinctures according to thin layer chromatography in 2010, has published 3 internal journal articles and is registered as a Homoeopathic Practitioner with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA).

My passion drives me to find the cause of the disease, by getting to the crux of the condition, be it a physical organism causing disease, hormone imbalance, adrenal burn out or organ dysfunction, inability of the immune system to function effectively or an emotional imbalance driving the disease, by treating the cause, the body can start the healing process.

Dr Scheepmaker understands that each individual are unique beings where mind, body and soul are of equal importance. Support of the individual is achieved by prescribing appropriate homeopathic intervention for the presenting case. Dr Scheepmaker believes that true healing comes through the combination of science and nature, and as such she strives, with professional and clinical integrity, to accompany her patients on their journey to true health

What can you expect in my appointment?

My treatment of patients with any condition begins with a full case history spanning at least an hour. At this point I review blood tests and special investigations not older than the last 6 months, conduct a physical examination of my patients where necessary and then send for blood tests, ultrasounds or X rays where needed.

During this time I address key issues relating to diet and lifestyle which may be influencing the patients health or main complaint. Thereafter, I compound the relevant remedy for the patients case along with any other supplements needed to rectify any deficiencies or to support or protect certain organs or systems. Patient improvement is then monitored over the course of a 3 to 4 month period where repeat special investigations such as blood tests may be repeated so as to assess any changes.