Nicole Fish

Special Interest in Aquatherapy


  • BA HMS (Stellenbosch)

  • BA Hons Biokinetics (RAU)

  • BA Hons Sport Science (RAU)

  • Advanced course in Diabetes Care

  • International Orthopaedic Aquatic Techniques

  • First Aid Level 1 & 2

  • Posture “Beyond the Plumbline

  • Holistic Sports Massage Therapy


Growing up in sunny Durban, Nicole decided it was time for a change of scenery and headed down to Stellenbosch to study human movement studies. Having always been a keen and active sportswoman, especially all things water, “playing sports all day” seemed the ideal study path and future career option.

After completing her undergraduate, not quite getting to play sports ALL day, she headed to the big city to complete her honours degree in sports science and then Biokinetics at RAU. When the opportunity arose to do her Internship at a practice with a Hydrotherapy facility, Nicole jumped at the chance and discovered she could combine her three loves: Helping people, being in the water and talking all day!

In 2006 Nicole made the decision to join her husband, also a Biokineticist, and have her own practice, starting in 2007 at a Ret irement village in Bryanston. Although a far cry from how Nicole had pictured her career at the age of 15 working with a sports team she has discovered that aquatherapy and the different conditions she is exposed to, is more her preference. “I love that the water allows people who may have difficulties and restrictions on land to experience the freedom of movement and reduction in pain that the water provides”

When not in the swimming pool for work, Nicole loves being outdoors, taking on new physical activity challenges, the biggest being keeping up with her husband and two young sons!