Ursula Lau

“The teardrop captures our human struggle to cope with the pain of our lived experience; it also symbolizes our capacity to be moved to experience mastery, joy, beauty and love”

Ursula Lau, Clinical & Research Psychologist (Pr. 0797286 | Reg. PS 0106674)| MA (Clinical MH Couns ) [OSU], MA (Res. Psych) [WITS]

Ursula Lau is an attuned psychotherapist and group facilitator, who has also mastered the art of writing and research. Ursula embodies a unique approach to working with distress; seeing this not as ‘pathological’, but as offering valuable life shifts that allow people to discover their resilience, courage and authenticity.

Her experience is vast, having worked in hospital settings, specialist inpatient units (including addictions recovery and per son ality disorders), student counselling and community settings in South Africa and the United States where she undertook her initial training as a psychotherapist.

She is currently a registered clinical and research psychologist.

Ursula’s practice currently offers individual therapy to adults with a range of struggles, from adjustment and life transitions, interpersonal or relationship distress, existential crises, depression and anxiety to complex trauma and personality vulnerability.