By Theresa Moodie

We are all familiar with the sensation of feeling inspired. We watch a movie about the success and triumph of an underdog. Even better our very own gold medalist and world record time holder Wayde van Niekerk.

Inspiration can be defined as someone or something that gives you ideas for doing something. A sudden feeling of enthusiasm. An internal reaction, something that speaks to our intellect or emotions. But so often the challenge is not to be inspired, but rather to follow through with our intention.

The second definition according to Merriam-Webster is what I find more intriguing. Inspiration: the act of drawing in, drawing of air into the lungs: breath.

Our lifestyles are littered with distractions, there is no shortage of material, social media or external stimuli to inspire us. So much so that we lose touch with possibly the most important element of
inspiration: that of how we breathe.

How many times have you checked your phone today? How many times have you scrolled through Instagram desperately trying to find that one perfect quote to inspire you for your day ahead?

What about reconnecting to yourself? Why not explore the very ideas that inspire you from within? When last did you consciously take a deep breath and sigh it all out. Staying focused and grounded is a huge challenge for all of us. We all struggle to make the time and to find the space for introspection.

Yoga is a practice that encourages meeting of the mind, body and spirit. A practice that rewires the breath and body awareness. Teaching you to move air past your chest and all the way to very bottom of your lungs.
Synchronising breath with movement is a key principle to the practice of Yoga. Awareness of breath encourages free flowing movement in a Vinyasa flow class. Breath is a tool to explore the subtler aspects of our mind and well-being. How we breathe can tell us a lot about our mood and vice versa.

Why not join me for a Yoga class and risk being inspired, grounded and focused. Start to experience and reap the rewards of a regular Yoga practice. Be inspired, find inspiration and follow through with your intentions, however small or great.

For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth. ~Sanskrit Proverb

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